Product Packaging Details

Retail Box
Retail software including the box; exact same packaging and contents as found  in large retail stores.
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Mail Order Packaging
All contents of retail box packaged for mail order shipment (packaging can vary from white box, brown box, manila envelope or shrink pack)
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Retail Jewel Case
Retail software encased in a plastic jewel case with color inserts. May or may not include a small users guide (usually electronic files or help menu in the CD)
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CD & Manual
CD only is shipped with paper manual. CD may be shrink wrapped in paper sleeve or jewel case along with the manual.                   <--Back to Top

Electronic Delivery/Instant Downloads:
You are directed to our sister store, Purplus Downloads and will receive your order instantly.
There is no shipping fee for downloads.
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CD Only / CD with Keycode
CD only in paper sleeve (usually electronic files or help menu in the CD) / CD Only with keycode is the same but the authentic keycode is included with the software.
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OEM/System Builder
OEM software will have different product numbers than retail packages, and support may be provided by the reseller, rather than the maker of the software. Functionally, OEM and retail versions of software should be essentially the same.
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DVD Case
CD or DVD is shipped in a DVD Case (similar to movie rental cases) and can contain paper inserts but may not contain a manual.
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Color CD Card Pack
CD is encased in a tri- (or bi) fold full color cardboard sleeve. Does not contain paper manual, but does contain help files on CD.
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Bulk Packaging
Item is not shipped in retail packaging.
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